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First Data® FD-100 Credit Card Terminal: $495

The First Data® FD-100 terminal is an affordable all-in-one terminal solution that combines performance, security and reliability. It supports a full range of electronic payment options using either a high-speed Internet (IP) or dial-up connection.

As one of the fastest, most secure point-of-sale terminals available, the First Data® FD-100 easily integrates, supports various communication interfaces, and can be adapted to changing environments and circumstances.

The FD-100 is compatible with many standard peripherals. All of this performance provides maximum versatility at an affordable price.

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The First Data FD100 credit card machine is a brand new PCI compliant terminal that is highly recommended for retail or restaurant merchants that need more applications than just credit cards. It has more memory than the FD50 terminal, making it perfect for other electronic payments such as Telecheck, and First Data gift card applications. It also has a touch screen interface.

The new First Data FD 100 terminal supports IP connectivity with dial backup. This means that it can process transactions extremely fast through the internet when connected to an ethernet cable, and it also can process transactions through an analog phone line. This gives you multiple communication options that older terminals do not offer. It has an integrated thermal roll printer which is quick, quiet, and never requires ink, saving your business time and money! The FD-100 also has quick, hassle-free drop in paper loading. If you are looking for secure, reliable terminal that can handle debit, credit, checks, gift card, and other applications, then the FD100 is the one for you.